How to think like a you’ve got a PhD, without doing the PhD

Shortly after the completion of my PhD I began to solve the problems of my running injuries and later, my personal life by using my training to source all sorts of books, podcasts, audio-books etc. The ways of thinking I had been exposed to and the academics I had met along my journey had ledContinue reading “How to think like a you’ve got a PhD, without doing the PhD”

The Human Upgrade Podcast with Dave Asprey

My interview with Dave Asprey on The Human Upgrade Podcast is now live. You’ll love the show! Listen here: Here’s the podcast episode link: SOCIAL: Follow @runningfrominjury on all platforms!

BBC Science Interview

Coming up on BBC radio tonight at 20:30; Daniel Lieberman from Harvard University, Sharon Dixon from University of Exeter and me from Institute of Technology Carlow talk to Chhavi Sachdev on all things barefoot including evolution, injury and performance. Repeated Monday at 9:30am. Click here

The Urban Runner with an Evolutionary Legacy

On a 6-month sabbatical in beautiful New Zealand (2017) with Professor Grant Schofield, I set out to perform a review of studies aimed at identifying the most common running injuries. Around the same time, I observed kiwi boys running barefoot on a tartan track. We designed a study to better understand the barefoot activity ofContinue reading “The Urban Runner with an Evolutionary Legacy”

Titles and links to all running blogs

Did the new shoes cause my heel pain? ‘What happened when we took the shoes from 9 well trained runners?’ A short blog to translate the science Who best to ‘fix’ my running injury? How much training for the sub-35 minute 10km? The Theory of Self-Control: Key to Consistent Running? Memory of the Boom TimesContinue reading “Titles and links to all running blogs”

THE CONVERSATION THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD Peter Francis recounts a recent conversation with a friend that left them both more tolerant and informed. “I don’t like [insert crime], it makes me really uncomfortable and I don’t want to watch any films that contain ‘it’. A decision about a film to watch was the beginning of a conversation between Jess andContinue reading “THE CONVERSATION THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD”