The Human Upgrade Podcast with Dave Asprey

My interview with Dave Asprey on The Human Upgrade Podcast is now live. You’ll love the show! Listen here: Here’s the podcast episode link: SOCIAL: Follow @runningfrominjury on all platforms!

Build Your Discipline Over Time

Running to improve is a discipline more than it is a sport. Discipline cannot be created over night nor should it be, so cut yourself some slack and build your discipline over time. The idea for this blog came to me when I began my latest phase of training. A friend of mine commented onContinue reading “Build Your Discipline Over Time”

Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be Part 4/4

An internal locus of control, headspace and habit formation were identified in the first 3 parts of this series as key components to being the best you can be. The idea for the post came when I was on a training camp attempting to be the best I could. I was planning how the weeksContinue reading “Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be Part 4/4”

Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 2

‘Could I do better if I made more time for the goals I am pursuing?’ ‘What is stopping me from making more time for something that I find meaningful?’ Headspace Headspace allows you recover from today, prepare for tomorrow and plan for next week. Recover An athlete who is in full-time work or study hasContinue reading “Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 2”

HEAD-SPACE: The Difference between Running for Exercise or Training for Performance?

Low fuel availability to our working muscles during running causes us to slow down. A lesser mentioned fuel reserve is the one we have in our brain; when our brain reserves are depleted, it can also compromise our performance. The part of your brain that has a limited fuel reserve is also the part youContinue reading “HEAD-SPACE: The Difference between Running for Exercise or Training for Performance?”