The Human Upgrade Podcast with Dave Asprey

My interview with Dave Asprey on The Human Upgrade Podcast is now live. You’ll love the show! Listen here: Here’s the podcast episode link: SOCIAL: Follow @runningfrominjury on all platforms!

Titles and links to all running blogs

Did the new shoes cause my heel pain? ‘What happened when we took the shoes from 9 well trained runners?’ A short blog to translate the science Who best to ‘fix’ my running injury? How much training for the sub-35 minute 10km? The Theory of Self-Control: Key to Consistent Running? Memory of the Boom TimesContinue reading “Titles and links to all running blogs”

Running to Feel: The Key to Improving Running Fitness

Once a runner understands what a ‘normal’ effort feels like for a given type of run or workout they should stick to it. The watch will vary considerably day-to-day for a given perception of effort, but how the runner feels represents what their physiology is capable of that day. Fighting physiology to try and somehowContinue reading “Running to Feel: The Key to Improving Running Fitness”

Cross-Training for the Runner (that actually works!)

Runners reject cross-training like a wild animal rejects defective off-spring. Every other form of exercise is considered a lesser species. There’s probably some truth in this; in that no other form of aerobic exercise has a higher energy expenditure for a given time cost. Running is weight-bearing uses most of our muscles especially the bigContinue reading “Cross-Training for the Runner (that actually works!)”