Variability a Runners Best Friend

Running is short on variability which means finding ways of introducing it, is key to injury prevention. Interval running, barefoot running, tempo running, park running, road running, beach running, bike ‘running’, yoga applications, plyometrics and conditioning exercises are some of the ways I attempt to maximise variability during a week of running. This blog comesContinue reading “Variability a Runners Best Friend”

Distraction: An underutilised tool to enable consistency and performance

“Distract. Distract. Distract.” My grandmother used to say to my mother in relation to my brother and I when we were tormented babies and tormenting all around us. We use distraction to negate an unpleasant experience. Watch a child who bangs its hand. The child’s parent instinctively either blows on it or rubs it furiously.Continue reading “Distraction: An underutilised tool to enable consistency and performance”

A Week in Cross-Training

Varied, logistically feasible and requiring a consistent moderate effort. The concepts that underpin a successful cross-training programme are the same as those that underpin a successful run programme. If you already have non-run training (strength & conditioning, yoga, alternate cardio) as part of your programme, when you pick up a niggle the transition can beContinue reading “A Week in Cross-Training”

Cross-Training for the Runner (that actually works!)

Runners reject cross-training like a wild animal rejects defective off-spring. Every other form of exercise is considered a lesser species. There’s probably some truth in this; in that no other form of aerobic exercise has a higher energy expenditure for a given time cost. Running is weight-bearing uses most of our muscles especially the bigContinue reading “Cross-Training for the Runner (that actually works!)”