The Human Upgrade Podcast with Dave Asprey

My interview with Dave Asprey on The Human Upgrade Podcast is now live. You’ll love the show! Listen here: Here’s the podcast episode link: SOCIAL: Follow @runningfrominjury on all platforms!

Pace Variation: The Missing Link in Running Injury and Performance

Slow and Slower Relative to a maximum sprint, runners spend the majority of their time running slow or variations of slow to moderate. The long run is slow. The recovery run is slow. Even the tempo run, if we compare it to the sprint is slow. If you’re not engaged in any interval work orContinue reading “Pace Variation: The Missing Link in Running Injury and Performance”

Project 33: Coming Full Circle

What a journey it has been. Running for 140 of the last 148 weeks after almost 10-years plagued with injury. That in itself would have seemed like a pipe dream just a few years ago. Consistency brought about performance improvements. It started with accepting I was a 36:40 10-km runner in 2015, before improving inContinue reading “Project 33: Coming Full Circle”

How much training for the sub 34-minute 10 km?

I wrote a piece entitled ‘How much training for the sub 35-minute 10 km?‘ in April. This is the follow-up. Both blogs are a component of what is now 78-weeks of consecutive injury free training; that consistency, is the real answer to the question I pose in title of this blog. The individual components ofContinue reading “How much training for the sub 34-minute 10 km?”

Translating Consistent Running into Performance Outcomes

Consistency Consistency is number one, with good reason. You cannot achieve anything worthwhile without it. Consistent running has put me in a position whereby I can get ‘preferred entry’ to start at the front of large scale road races. I feel justified wearing a race singlet and a pair of flats, rather than a t-shirtContinue reading “Translating Consistent Running into Performance Outcomes”