From Darkness into Magic

I would like to raise money to send men on a week-long life-changing experience that enables them to feel into their emotions, heal and start to thrive in this world. This is not just about men who are on their knees, this is about men who exist, survive, overachieve, can’t sit still, are stuck inContinue reading “From Darkness into Magic”

How to think like a you’ve got a PhD, without doing the PhD

Shortly after the completion of my PhD I began to solve the problems of my running injuries and later, my personal life by using my training to source all sorts of books, podcasts, audio-books etc. The ways of thinking I had been exposed to and the academics I had met along my journey had ledContinue reading “How to think like a you’ve got a PhD, without doing the PhD”

The Human Upgrade Podcast with Dave Asprey

My interview with Dave Asprey on The Human Upgrade Podcast is now live. You’ll love the show! Listen here: Here’s the podcast episode link: SOCIAL: Follow @runningfrominjury on all platforms!

Why getting into FEAR can get you twice as far as SUFFERING and in half the time

On the quest for improvement this year, remember, getting into fear (although scary) requires little effort or time and has a huge (and permanent) return on investment in terms of your growth and development. This is in contrast to the option that most of us choose to improve ourselves, suffering. Unsustainable or punishing exercise regimes,Continue reading “Why getting into FEAR can get you twice as far as SUFFERING and in half the time”

Run Thrive Survive Podcast

If you love running, what would prevent you from running? An Injury of course! We hear it all the time, stretch before you run, cool down afterwards. Don’t do this, don’t do that. It’s really easier said than done, but unless you make anything a habit, something that is put strictly into your running routine.Continue reading “Run Thrive Survive Podcast”

The Importance of Knowing Your Values

These are a selection of articles and resources that will support you in knowing your values. These resources are designed to supplement my blog post ‘Why who you are is more important than what you do ‘. 6 Ways to Discover and Choose Your Core Values The Demartini Value Determination Process WHAT ARE YOUR VALUESContinue reading “The Importance of Knowing Your Values”

Exercising Health Podcast with Chris Joannou

Many of the common running injuries can be prevented with the help of expert knowledge and years of experience. Such education can be found in books like “Running from injury” by Dr. Peter Francis. This book is a culmination of Dr. Francis’ lifelong journey as a high level runner, together with his impressive achievements asContinue reading “Exercising Health Podcast with Chris Joannou”

Running from Injury in Ultra Running

The Ultra Running Podcast is a platform to inspire and educate people around Ultra Running. Learn about the ultra running world and about strength and conditioning for Ultra Running. You are going to hear from experts, all types of runners and abilities. I will Give you an actionable tip on each episode which you canContinue reading “Running from Injury in Ultra Running”

The Running Episode with Peter Francis- Real Health with Karl Henry

This week we’re going to talk about running injuries and how to avoid them. Running has become one of the most popular ways to improve fitness, and to stay in shape. Especially during lockdown when gyms, team sports and swimming pools were off limits. But most runners must deal with injury at some point. MostContinue reading “The Running Episode with Peter Francis- Real Health with Karl Henry”