Chapter 10: Mind the Gap


Chapter 1 referred to a 12-year period of on-off injury beginning in 2004. This period was not without glimmers of hope. In 2008-2009, I ran for a 16-week and 25-week stretch having been introduced to strength and conditioning. In 2010-2011, a combination of strength & conditioning and barefoot running on grass led to a 40-week block of training. Why then did it take another 5 years before I would run for almost 3 years and break the personal bests of my youth? The answer is the difference between information and knowledge or, more colloquially, the ability to see the wood from the trees.

Pieces of information are like the parts of a car. They are useless without the knowledge of the mechanic who can put them altogether in a way that allows the car to work…

Come back Monday May 24th for an extract from Chapter 11: The road to redemption. Pre-order the kindle version of the book now on amazon, out June 28th 2021.

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Running from Injury. Why Runners get Injured and How to Stop it

2 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Mind the Gap

  1. It’s been brilliant to get glimpses into an insightful and experienced view on running with, and without injuries. Il have to get a kindle- will there be a print run taking pre-orders 🤞🙏


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