Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 3

‘When do habits which appear as excellence to others become normal to me?’ Habits Habits protect the process. The process takes care of the outcome. What threatens the process? Instant gratification and boredom are the two major threats to the process and subsequently, the performance outcome. It’s hard to tell which comes first. Many athletesContinue reading “Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 3”

Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 2

‘Could I do better if I made more time for the goals I am pursuing?’ ‘What is stopping me from making more time for something that I find meaningful?’ Headspace Headspace allows you recover from today, prepare for tomorrow and plan for next week. Recover An athlete who is in full-time work or study hasContinue reading “Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 2”